Google+ Adventures of a Southern Gentleman: VisiPics – an Excellent Duplicate Photo Finder

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

VisiPics – an Excellent Duplicate Photo Finder

My digital photos are a mess, disorganized and full of duplicates.   Fortunately, there’s a really nice utility that is helping to rectify the situation.

VisiPics will scan your photos, finding and displaying duplicates.   It scans the photos themselves, so it will find actual duplicates regardless of how they are named or where they are located.


It allows you to adjust the sensitivity so that you can do a strict scan finding near exact duplicates only to loose which will find photos that might be edited versions of the same photo.

Once finished scanning, it presents you with groups of duplicates which you can mark and then batch delete or copy.

It’s a must have utility for anyone with a digital photo collection.    It is a Windows only utility.

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