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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Site Update: Old Second Life Posts Imported

After some debate, I decided to import the old posts from my Second Life blog that I brought down in a few years ago.   There are still some links out there coming back to and/or to so I thought it would be appropriate to do so.

I've created a page tab to bring up only the Second Life related posts and linked it to so that the back links go to only the Second Life tagged posts.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good Article: Car Etiquette–How to Be a Gentleman Behind the Wheel

Having been transplanted from Georgia to California, one of the things that struck me the most about how different it is from other parts of the country is the traffic and the way other drivers act and react.  

The Art of Manliness blog has once again come up with an excellent article, this time on car etiquette, a must read for anyone concerned about being a gentleman or gentlewoman and living in a metropolitan area with loads of traffic.   A good read for anyone who drives, for that matter.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

by Fr. Brian Joyce

I am thankful for the mess to clean up after a party  because it means I have been surrounded by friends.

I am thankful for the taxes I have to pay because it means I have a job and I am employed.

I am thankful for the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have had enough to eat.

I am thankful for the lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home.

I am thankful for all the complaining I do about the government because it means we have freedom of speech.

I am thankful for the parking spot I find at the far end of the lot because it means I am capable of walking.

I am thankful for my big heating bill because it means I am warm.

(I love this one. Don’t look around. Don’t turn. Just listen.)
I am thankful for the lady behind me in Church who sings off-key because it means I can hear.

I am thankful for the piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby.

I am thankful for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive.

And finally, I am thankful for the alarm that goes off early in the morning because it means that I am still alive.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cool Site: – How to Afford Anything

Great article with some common sense advice on living within your means.   I wish I’d read this when I was 18-19 years old.

How to Afford Anything

The sites main focus is on cameras and photography, but this article is an amusing and though provoking treatise on the benefits of frugality.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Site: Library of Congress on Youtube

Discovered this through the Lifehacker RSS feed….


The Library of Congress has it’s own Youtube channel.   Doesn’t appear to be much there yet, but if it’s anything like the Library of Congress Flickr photo feed then eventually there will be some pretty incredible stuff available.