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Sunday, May 10, 2009

ChemGenosis/Shadow Things

When I first came into Second Life, I spent a lot of my time hanging around the Infohub at the Wengen Chalet.   I met quite a few people there who I still call friends, two of those are Aza Zymurgy and Lacey Mertel.  


I haven’t seen them in a while, though I occasionally see their names pop up.


Some time ago they teamed up to start a  couple little shops called ChemGenosis and Shadow Things, which I’ve revisited recently and thought I’d share them.


ChemGenosis Gallery: Shadow Things, ChemGenosis Designs

I like the ambiance, a little surrealistically dark and creepy.


ChemGenosis Designs

Aza has created some really creepy skins, I especially like the zombie skin.   I actually won a costume contest with that one last Halloween.   The scarecrow skin is also a good one.


Shadow Things

Shadow Things has skins, shapes, eyes and such geared toward creating a “Broken Doll”  look.


ChemoGenosis Gallery, Shadow Things 

The ChemGenosis Gallery shows off representations of some of the real life and SL artwork that Aza and Lacey have done.  


ChemGnosis Gallery: Shadow Things, ChemGenosis Designs

Even if you’re not interested in shopping, it’s worth the visit to see the setup they’ve done for the shops.


ChemGnosis Gallery: Shadow Things, ChemGenosis Designs


Click to Teleport  ChemGenosis/Shadow Things


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