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Friday, August 15, 2008

Twisted Spoke - Drama Libre

As is my habit, last night I spent the evening hanging out at Drama Libre.  


Ghost Rider Party Time

Drama Libre is a twice a week themed event that occurs on Saturday night from 8pm to 2am SLT and Thursday night from 5pm to 8pm SLT (Saturday night is by far the busiest, pulling in more people).   The theme changes each week on Saturday and repeats that theme on the following Thursday.


Couple of

The hosts and creators of Drama Libre are Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi, they've been doing this for over a year now with a brand new theme each week.  Yes, each week they and a dedicated build team tears the place down completely and rebuilds it based on the theme for that week, the bulk of each build done from scratch.


Gregor the mini-bikeWhen you arrive you will find a live DJ spinning tunes and taking requests and Anne the resident paparazzi waiting to take your picture.


Zombie Biker Chick Annie


Biker Guy - Rinaldo


Biker Chick Cathy

And each night there's a costume contest based on the theme, the guy and gal with the best outfit based on that nights theme wins Linden's and has their picture recorded for posterity.


Drama Libre - Biker Bar

They recently moved to a new location, taking up an entire sim which gives them a lot more flexibility in building for the themes.

Here is the SLURL for the landing point in Ravenswood.

From the landing point you'll usually use a local teleport to go to where the main event is located (the exact location changes each time based on what the theme is).


Here's a little video that I did of last nights event.


Drama Libre is the most fun and entertaining thing I've found to do in Second Life, it's a great bunch of people and a lot of fun. 

Go check it out.

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