Google+ Adventures of a Southern Gentleman: Governor Linden's Neighborhood

Monday, August 11, 2008

Governor Linden's Neighborhood

Spent Sunday evening wandering about and decided to drop in on Governor Linden at his mansion.   He wasn't home, but wandered about the neighborhood taking in the sights.


Governor Linden's Mansion

An aerial view of the mansion, not a bad spread but could use a bit of a make over.


At Governor Linden's Mansion gazing toward the Ivory Tower of Primatives

Didn't realize you could see the Ivory Tower of Primitives from the mansion grounds.



There's a really interesting bird sculpture in the air nearby, Fire and Ice, I believe it was called.


Clementina Park and Riverwalk

A little park and riverwalk in the valley nearby, not the best I've seen but it was clean and uncluttered.   Quite a bit of exorbitantly priced land for sale nearby.



Off in the distance on the other side, in the neighboring sim, was what looks like a factory dumping some kind of waste products into the local river.   Hope it's not toxic.



A look at the place on the opposite side, there appeared to be some sort of violent activity going on, heard some gunfire, so I decided I'd better keep my distance.  


Nice build

Off in the distance I noticed this interesting looking building, for a moment I thought it might be a botanical garden of some sort but it turned out to be a store called Textures Unlimited and a place called the Lily Pad Lounge.


Gear Fountain

The gear fountain made me think of a certain robot I know.


Textures Unlimited

The inside looked as neat as the outside, still wish it had been a garden.


Cute little guy....

There's also a windchime garden (to the right of the picture) and this interesting looking statue.


All in all, not a bad little walkabout in Governor Linden's neighborhood.   If you want to visit the area, here are the slurl's.


Governor Linden's Mansion


Textures Unlimited


Bird Statue



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