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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good Shirts

Ok, I'm not big on fashion and I'll leave fashion reviews to the experts but when I find decent clothing for guys I'm going to just have to put a brief post about it here.

I had run across a shop a while back and purchased a couple of t-shirts that I liked, but hadn't visited the main store until just the other day. Now I wish I'd done so sooner.

The place is called Urban Underground and though I'm not really into the whole "style" as presented in the store (not even sure what the style is called), I do like the way the t-shirts look, especially with a nice pair of jeans (the jeans I like the most are ones I got from Dusty's Menswear on MIA Island)

Urban Underground Shirts

Here's a quick snap of some of the shirts they've got here. In the lower right side of the picture is the gem of the shop, two packs of 5 plain t-shirts in assorted colors for 200L each. It was an easy decision for me to pop the 400L total for both packs. They are no-copy, no-mod, so you can't change or make copies of them but you can give them away if you happen to not like a particular color or want to give them to someone who needs a style makeover.

The shirts that have stuff on them are also nicely done and reasonably priced at 50L each, so take the time to check them out as well. Oddly enough, the ones with patterns are no-transfer so you can make copies and modify them, but not give them away. So gift givers, beware.

These are probably some of the best looking t-shirts I've seen on the grid so far.

The only thing I have against these shirts is that they are made on the jacket layer, meaning you can't wear anything over them, which is disappointing because they'd look good under some other things I have. Oh, I understand they had to be made on the jacket layer to get the pull over look, but it'd be really cool if I could get a version of these on the undershirt and shirt layer so I could wear them under a couple jackets I have.

Here's what they look like on me.......



Urban Underground

It's also kind of a cool place, visually, as well.......

Here I am in the entrance of the place, not sure if the big guy to the left is a salesperson or not.......

For those that are interested in that sort of thing, yes, the monsters are for sale, the one outside for 350L and the ones inside for 340L. You have to find the right spot (the claws) to click on them before the Buy option comes up, but they can be purchased.

If anyone is interested in a few more pictures of me and the monsters, there are a couple up on my SLBuzz account, for some reason they didn't crosspost to Fickr like they are set up to do.

And here is the SLURL for the place.......

So, if you're a guy looking for something good looking to wear, check this place out. The prices are reasonable and the shirts look good.

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